Monday, 29 July 2013

New shoes!

These are my new shoe's (picture from Google images XP), me and my sister first spotted them (in Guildford) when we were at my old house, more than a year ago. This was before I got Tumblr and I saw some amazing shoes on Tumblr, they were the same iridescent metallic material. And then I thought of these shoes that we had seen alot whilst out shopping ... SO I bought them!! mwahaha. I have already done a "Lookbook" photo with them in =)
Song of the day -

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Looking at my Itunes most listened-to songs, "harder better faster stronger" by Daft Punk  was the most listening to and 50 plays, so I thought I might just put it on here!!! =)

Friday, 19 April 2013


I love Tumblr because I love to see how people change a picture to make it look so perfect ... and then there are my picture's that I post and NO-ONE expect my sister re post's it ..... (thanks Holly ;') ) OH WELL, at the moment my cat is trying to get on my chair and she is trying at every angle of the chair because she wants a cuddle CUTE! and Goldfrapp - oh la la la came on Itunes because I have it on shuffle (But that isn't interesting) 
This is my cat by the way -
 This is my other one!!! ^_^
Getting back to Tumblr, here are some of my ALL TIME favourite picture's -

Jonathan Saunders Spring 2013

horses. my universe.
(My cat just sneezed)

They should be married ! <3

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.


And finally Ezra Miller <3
I do have loads more but I'm on Tumblr ALOT so it would take a long time to find them =)
Hope you enjoyed!!!

Monday, 15 April 2013


Walls ! ^-^

As I promised here are the pictures of my walls, drawn on, paper mache-d and collage-d!

 Not finished /

 Very messy =/
And these are my shelves, paper mache-d with comic's (but you can do it with anything else)

Everything has a silver lining (almost), like the new film! ... anyways, as you know my comic wall fell down and got stuck together =( but I managed to cut out little square's of the comic and ALOT of them, to cover three box shelve thing's =/ (picture's soon) and they DID NOT fail!!! yay =D I have also had friend's round and I let them draw on one of my wall's (picture's later sorry =( ) and I have started sticking, with glue this time, magazine cut outs onto a wall yay! I'll do a post later with the pictures and more music 8)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Comic wall

I was looking for inspiration about what to do for decorating and I thought I could cover a wall in COMICS! But it came down because the wall is slanted and sellotape does not work, I should of used wallpaper glue (=/) -

And I didn't have enough comics... But they were cheap from "the works" 50p each !! =)
But I painted my nails green yyyaaayyyy !! (might not go down well at school)
(because it's so popular)
(because it's my name)
(p.s. thinking about doing a music blog on tumblr)